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Featured Suppliers

Little Engines


  Little Engines continues its commitment to supplying a great diversity of drawings, castings, parts, accessories and more to the live steam enthusiast. 

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Gemini Industrial Machine Group LLC


 At Gemini we believe in thinking differently by creating machines for our customers that perform flawlessly, are easy to maintain and provide stellar customer service. 

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Eccentric Engineer


Steam injectors and other essential appliances for the Live Steam Brotherhood 

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Tom Bee Trucks


Couplers, Trucks, Freight Cars, and Parts
for the 1.5" Scale Railroader!

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Precision Steel Car


Precision Steel Car is dedicated to producing high quality affordable rolling stock kits and detail parts for 1/8 scale live steam railroads.

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Banning Locomotive Works LLC


 We  work with our clients to craft memories and machines they love. 

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Jim Kreider's Nickel Plate Berkshire Locomotive Castings


Building & Casting information for Jim Kreider's 1.5” scale live steam Nickel Plate Berkshire locomotive. 

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Godshall Custom Machining


Live Steam Locomotives, Services, & Supplies. Let us help you with your dream!

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Allen Models


 Allen Models has been one of the largest, friendliest and most consistent suppliers of parts, plans and castings for the live steam hobby in the United States.  

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Alco West Locomotives


We are specialized in 1.5" and 2.5" scale museum-quality model steam locomotives. 

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Museum Trains


We offer locomotives in kit form that can be bought in stages ready to run.  We also have a variety of modern style freight cars and detail parts .

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The Train Works


All trains are 100% hand crafted & American made. Top quality gas & electric locomotive for sale, 7.5 gauge trains, 1.6 scale trains & more!  

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Scotts Trains


We Offer The Finest In 1.5" Scale Custom Rolling Stock For Sale .

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Midwest Scale Rail


 We have everything you need for building your 1/8th scale railroad track. Aluminum and steel rail, joint bars, steel switch points, plastic tie material, track screws, ready to run switches and more.  

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Highball Graphics


Highball Graphics Produces Quality Vinyl Graphics for the Scale Live Steam Hobby from 3/4" scale through the Prototype. 

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Live Steam Warehouse


Here at Live Steam Warehouse we make a full line of model pipe fittings ranging from 1/16 to 5/16 MTP.

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Live Steam Locomotive Hobby Supplies


Live Steam Locomotives offers precision 7 1/4 " - 7 1/2" gauge locomotives and an extensive collection of railroad locomotive and tender drawings from the live steam era.

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Keim Steam Pump


Providing the practical live steamer operating accessories that are realistic, dependable, and cost effective. 

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Fisher Detail Foundry


The primary medium for production is 3D printing / Investment Casting. Our products are of high quality and will make great additions to any locomotive. 

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Cannonball Ltd.


 Over 20 years experience and 200 products available. Locomotives, Freight cars, Trucks, Couplers, Rail, and railroad building supplies.  

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Swift Locomotive Works


Serving the 1/8th Scale Live Steam Community

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J & S Railcar


We manufacturer railroad cars and motive power in a variety of scales from scaled down original plans. 

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Live Steamer Parts


Trucks, Couplers, and Rail.

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RMI Railworks


Your source for live steam railroad locomotives, cars, track, signals, and supplies. 

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American Model Engineering Supply


Providing high quality tooling, materials, gauges/valves, and other products to the Live Steam hobby. 

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Erwin Shops


Dedicated to producing scale, high quality, prototype rail car kits. 

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The Backshop


Offering a full array of detail parts, accessories, supplies, smaller scale locomotive kits, West Coast Rail, and steel loop shank couplers for the live steam/backyard railroad hobbyist. Contact Mike Venezia at 732-239-9960 or email him at

Ridge Locomotive Works


Offering complete live steam boiler services including design, fabrication, inspection, and repair. 

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Plum Cove Studios


Offering electric locomotives, cars, trucks, and more. 

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Backyard Train Co. LLC


Backyard Train Co. builds all steel rideable train models in 1"( 1:12) and 1.5/1.6" (1:8) scale. Our train models operate on track gauges of 4.75" or 7.25/7.5".

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Odd Duck Foundry


A small hobby foundry that offers detail parts, trucks, and more. 

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The Machinery Works


Offering various accessories for your 3/4, 1 inch or 1 1/2 inch live steam project.

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PM Research


Model Engines and Accessories for Hobbyist and Machinist

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LocoParts manufactures custom tenders/kits, gas burners, silicon bronze lost wax castings and live steam locomotive valves and accessories in 1-1/2”, 2-1/2” and 3-3/4” scale.

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Accutie Rail Systems


Accutie is your high quality one stop shop for all your track laying needs.

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Precision Railroad Products


We supply parts and turn key products in both 15 inch and 7.5 inch gauge . Custom work for other gauges is available as well.

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The Hartford Shops


Capabilities include model and prototype building, general machining, metal fabrication, engineering and consulting services. 

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Titan Trains


We have over 35 years of experience making detailed and durable cars and locomotives.

**We advise using PayPal on all orders**

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Railroad Supply


Your source for the finest in 1-1/2" scale Live Steam and Electric Model Locomotives and Rolling Stock.

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Miracle Graphics & Railroad Products


Miracle Graphics & Railroad Products has been providing quality stock and custom decals since 2000, specializing in vinyl graphics for the large scale hobbyist. 

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Wasatch Railroad Contractors


Wasatch Railroad Contractors is headquartered in Cheyenne, WY. We are a group of experienced professionals specializing in railroad equipment restoration.

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Mike’s Rail Cars


Builders of 1/8' scale 7 1/2" gauge Ride on Trains

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Pacific Design Shops


Offering affordable Engineered kits for the live steam hobby

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McCauley Works


We are custom builders of any industrial model, from steam to diesel, stationary to mobile. 

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Flashers R US


We supply a variety of quality flashing, blinking, and lighting products for the model railroader. Primarily this is for the 7-1/2" gauge, 1/8th scale modeler although many items can be used in other scales.

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Creative Train Company


Creative Train Company has a wide collection of rolling stock available for your train!

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Pike River Northern


Your suppliers for 1.6" scale locomotive parts

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Ross Custom Switches


Making custom Signals and Switchstands for 1.5” scale.

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