Big Boots and Western R.R

Central Pasco & Gulf Railroad

The Central Pasco & Gulf Railroad is a 7 1/2 inch scale railroad, located in Crews Lake Park in central Pasco County, Florida.  The railroad operates on the second Saturday of each month and is open to the public.

Veterans Memorial Railroad

Veterans Memorial Railroad was founded in 2001 when a group of local people, interested in both railroading and community service, banded together to install a passenger train at Veterans Memorial Park in Bristol.  The Liberty County Board of Commissioners gave their permission to use a large area of the park for the Railroad.

Largo Central Railroad

The Largo Central Railroad is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) all volunteer group whose goal it is to share their love of railroads with the community.  Come on down and check out the remarkable equipment.  From steam engines that work just like the originals, the sleek diesels and the accurately detailed cars, you can learn a lot about the history of the railroads here at our park! 

Ridge Live Steamers, Inc

You have reached the home page of the Ridge Live Steamers, Inc. This website is provided for the benefit of our members, model railroad and live steam enthusiasts. RLS Corporate property is private and visits are by invitation only. Fellow live steamers and those truly interested in the live steam and model railroading hobby are welcome. RLS is a non-profit organization and will work with other non-profit organizations dedicated to further the awareness of our railroad heritage.

Tradewinds & Atlantic Railroad, Inc

The Tradewinds & Atlantic Railroad, Inc. was formed in 1972 as the Florida Live Steamers-Southern Division. Track-laying at Tradewinds Park started in 1987 and was completed in 1990. We are a 501-c-3 non-profit corporation dedicated to educating folks of all ages in the importance and history of railroads and keeping the spirit of mechanical engineering and innovation alive! 


Canton, St. Paul & Pacific Railway

The CSP&P Railway was incorporated for the educational purpose of expanding the general knowledge of the role that railroads have played in our lives and history, with a focus on the inventions and developments involved in railroads in America and the World and the metal working and fabrication skills and techniques of this same era. 

North Georgia Live Steamers

 The North Georgia Live Steamers (NGLS) is an incorporated non-profit miniature outdoor railroad club that encourages and assists others interested in the construction of scale steam engines, locomotives and railroad equipment through fellowship with others in the Live Steam hobby. 


The Hawaiian Railway

The Hawaiian Railway Society is an educational, non-profit organization dedicated to saving, restoring and protecting Hawaii's railroading history. We have the only historic railroad on the island of Oahu and the only operating railroad museum in the state. 


American Heritage Railroad

Illinois Live Steamers

The Illinois Live Steamers was founded in 1967 as a place where live steamers could gather to share their interests in trains and enjoy outdoor miniature railroading.  

Deerfield and Roundabout Railway

An educational demonstration steam powered 7 and 1/2 inch gauge railway operated under circa 1930 Standard Code Time Table and Train Order Rules by the LAKE FOREST LIVE STEAMERS RAILWAY MUSEUM INCORPORATED 

Prairie State Railroad Club

Welcome to the Prairie State Railroad Club! We are a group of individuals that share a passion for the construction and operation of large scale ride on trains. Modelers such as ourselves are referred to as “lives steamers” because the earliest ride on trains were fully operational miniatures of full size steam locomotives.  

The Waterman & Western Railroad

Each year we are open Sundays from June to Labor Day.  We have several planned events and also offer the train for private parties and picnics. We are located in Waterman Illinois just off of Route 30 in  Waterman Lions Park. The 1/4 scale model F-3 Electro-motive is owned by Peter & Charleen Robinson and operated by them and a staff of many.  


Cinder Sniffers, Inc.

 Cinder Sniffers is a model live steam club located in the greater Cincinnati area. 

Hesston Steam Museum

This is not your typical stuffy museum.... visit us and you’ll walk right into an era long past. A simpler time where big machines did work, powered factories, move‍‍‍d mountains, fed the country or just entertained humanity.

Those machines are ready to enlighten and entertain your family, taking you on a journey not to be forgotten.

Indiana Live Steamers

The primary focus of this group is a 7 1/2 inch gauge railroad; however, activities throughout the year will attract people with interests in other areas. 

New Unionville & Western Railroad

Fellow Hobbyist Welcome to email for visit

Pine Creek & Western Railroad Club

The Pine Creek & Western Railroad is located at the Illiana Antique Power Association show grounds.  The railroad consists of over a half mile of aluminum track.  Several grades of approximately 3% offer challenges when pulling long trains.   


E. J. & K. Railway

The E. J. & K. Railway is a 1/8th scale model railroad located in rural Boone County, Iowa. The railroad consists of approximately 9,100 feet of 7 1/2" gauge railroad track. Construction started in 1990 and will be completed sometime before 2050.  We have operated steam service continuously at least once a month since March, 2003.   Model railroaders, neighbors, and live steamers are always welcome. It is NOT open to the general public. 

Iowa Model Steam Engineers

The Iowa Model Steam Engineers is a semi-private club with 1,800 feet of 7 1/2" gauge ground track and 650 feet of 1" and 3/4" highline. 


Ellis Railroad Museum & Doll Display BK&E Miniature Train

View railroad artifacts and over 5000 square feet of working model train layout. A yellow Union Pacific caboose is located next to an actual depot, which is used as the train ride boarding point. A 1/3 scale General Motors Aero Streamliner travels along a 2.5 mile track.  


Louisiana, Texas & Pacific Railroad

Located in southeast Louisiana, the Paynes' backyard pike features nearly a 1000 feet of mainline, nine operating turnouts, an under-roof car storage area, multiple trestles, two locomotives plus rolling stock, return loops on either end of the run, and a signal system to control operation on the long single track main.  


Boothbay Railway Village

The Boothbay Railway Village is a non-profit educational organization. Nowhere else in New England can you ride the rails behind an authentic steam locomotive surrounded by historic Maine buildings preserved in a recreated village, and view a collection of 60 antique autos. Throughout the season a wide variety of special events are hosted on the Museum’s Village Green from vintage ball games to car shows and family festivals. 

Washington County Railroad

The Washington County Railroad (WCRR) is a privately owned large scale railroad whose owners have a special interest in coal fired steam locomotives. It is located at the home of the Brace Family on Campbell Hill in Cherryfield, Maine. Cherryfield is in Washington County, the eastern most county of the United States, where the sun first rises on the United States of America. Therefore, the original WCRR was also known by the name Sunrise Route.  


Chesapeke & Allegeny Live Steamers

We are a Non-Profit Live Steam Club in Baltimore Maryland located in Leakin Park on Windsor Mill Road.  


Pioneer Valley Live Steamers

Pioneer Valley Live Steamers (PVLS) is located in Southwick, Massachusetts. The track at PVLS consists of 4580 feet of ground level rails and 1140 feet of elevated track. The elevated track has two gauges. The smallest is 3.5 inch gauge, 3/4" to the foot scale and the next is 4.75 inch gauge, 1" to the foot scale. The gauge is the dimension between the rails.   The ground level track is 7.25 gauge and most of the engines on this track are made to 1.5 inches to the foot scale 

Waushakum Live Steamers

The Waushakum Live Steamers is a club that exists to promote interest in and knowledge of steam locomotion, especially on rails. It is open to all who have a sincere interest in the subject. The primary activity of the club is to maintain an outdoor track, where members can operate scale live steam locomotives. The present setup accommodates equipment on 3.5″, 4.75″ and 7.25″ gauge track. Use the menu above to learn more about Waushakum. 


Great Lakes Live Steamers

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The Michigan AuSable Valley Railroad is proud to feature a 1/4 scale passenger train ride through the beautiful scenic landscape of Northern Michigan. Operating on weekends and holidays during the summer months, Michigan AuSable Valley Railroadis located near the AuSable River in jackpine country offering its visitors a relaxing 18 minute rail adventure that travels through a jackpine forest, the Huron National Forest and overlooks the beautiful Comins Creek Valley.  

Mid-Michigan Railroad Club

Mid-Michigan Railroad Club was established in 1985 and is located at Cornwell's Turkeyville in Marshall, MI.  Our members are dedicated to the operations of a 1/8th Scale 7 1/2" gauge Railroad as well as offering FREE (donations greatly appreciated) Train rides for everyone on scheduled Run Days.  Your journey begins at the Hawkins Junction Station and gently winds over and under Bridges and Trestles  through the Tunnel and woods in a scenic park like setting and returns to the Station.  Visitors to the Railroad will see many different types and styles of Engines including Live Steam, Diesel and Electric.    

Sandy Ridge & Clear Lake Railway

The SR&CL is an operating, narrow gauge railroad, with equipment patterned after the Maine Two Footers and built to 3 3/4" scale. The Route is point to point, with about 5400 feet of main line, 90 feet of elevation difference, and three branch lines. The railroad hauls firewood, logs and rock with some passenger traffic, along with the building materials for its own construction, which currently includes a new branch line. The railroad runs year round, including winter with plowing snow. 

White Creek Railroad

The White Creek Railroad is a private 7.5-inch gauge track constructed by Russ and Mara Eldred and is located in a rural country setting in Western Michigan on approximately 120 acres of land. The track meanders through densely wooded hills and open fields, across marshy lowlands and nearly encompasses two picturesque lakes.  


Pioneer Power Railroad

The Miniature Land building is located in Gas Engine Grove and is a favorite spot for show go'ers. People with the special talent of crafting and building scale model tractors, engines, trains, and machinery, display and operate their scale models. Miniature Land attracts exhibitors from all over the U.S. The father-son team of John Barklow and John Barklow Jr. were the drive behind getting the Miniature Land going at Pioneer Power. Miniature Land is a tribute to John Barklow Sr., which is carried on by his son John Jr. 


Big Creek & Southern Railroad

The Big Creek & Southern features prototype operations (we run like a real railroad!) as well as general "casual running" (just hop on and ride!). We are constantly working to maintain the railroad in top-notch running condition and continue to add more features to make the railroad more fun to operate and an enjoyable experience for all. We are always looking for new members (no dues!) to join us and help with keeping the railroad in the kind of operational condition that it is known for throughout the riding scale hobby. 

Kansas City Northern Railroad

Our group was formed in 1984 when the Kansas City Parks & Recreation Department asked for volunteers to restore and operate the former Kansas City Zoo train that had been in Swope Park. 

St. Louis Live Steamers

The St. Louis Live Steamers is an organization interested in the construction of large scale model railroads, in steam railroad history and operations, and in steam technology generally. The SLLS seeks to share these interests with the general public and provide opportunities in the community for everyone to learn about steam railroad history and technology. The name of the SLLS is taken from the traditional industrial term "live steam" which is steam under pressure capable of doing real work, in contrast to spent or exhaust steam. 

Wabash, Frisco, and Pacific Association

The Wabash, Frisco, and Pacific Association invites you to come aboard our 12 inch gauge live Steam Railroad. The Railroad is open every Sunday, May through October rain or shine. Trains start their scheduled departures from the station at 11:00 a.m.,with trains departing about every 20 minutes. The final train leaves at 4:15 p.m. The ride is a two mile round trip lasting about 30 minutes and travels along the scenic Meramec River. 


Nevada State Railroad Museum

Come ride the Nevada Southern Railway excursion train at the Nevada State Railroad Museum. We are located in historic Boulder City, Nevada; the city that built the Hoover Dam.  


Monadnock Valley Railroad

The MVRR has about 2600' of 7-1/4" gauge track; details are shown on our track plan page.  The maximum grade for the main line is 1.9% and the minimum radius curve is 45'.